Modern Kid Bedroom Furniture Organizing Tips

by January 18, 2017
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Modern Kids Bedroom Furniture Organizing Tips

Kid Bedroom Furniture – Separate sleeping child with a parent does have many advantages. In addition to providing space more privacy for parents, children were taught to be independent and responsible fast. Room is ready for use, but then, you experience confusion decorating.

Organizing a Kid Bedroom Furniture is easy bother. Especially if this is your first time do it. For that I will help you with a recipe of how to organize the bedroom children carefully and have fun summarized from various sources. Arrangement of rooms children should be tailored to the child’s age level. Because as the development of age children have different needs and interests

Attach Wallpaper
According to experts, the arrangement of the room, from some of our designers, the basic stages of arranging Kid Bedroom Furniture starts from the selection of wallpaper color . Also you give the child the freedom to choose a favorite color to be creative, not according your taste. Let your child imagination creatively.

Picture of Wall
If you think do not want to use the wallpaper, you could be the creation of interior design Kid Bedroom Furniture with wall drawings of interesting options, such as colorful polka-dot motif. There are many other interesting variants of images that can be interesting or cool the child’s eyes, so that a positive effect on brain growth and development.

Bed Linen Pictorial
Attach sheets and pillow cases with attractive light-colored image. The images on the sheets that smell art will lead your child to imagine that he thought the faster power.

Post a Photo
Post a photo frame on the wall of the family room or at the bedside, so that baby able to recognize and record the parents’ faces better in their minds.

Here are some tips summarized by my colleagues to organize a child’s bedroom in adjusted by age:

1 At this age, children are more attracted to bright colors, flashy and festive. Select blue, red or yellow colors instead of pastels. Look for motif curtains or bed linen attractive with bright colors.

2 Room lights that are too bright can be blinding infant, so avoid.

3 Do not stick a sticker on the inside of the crib, because sticker adhesive usually contains toxins. The tip stickers easily withdrawn and put into his mouth


1 Toddlers this age are actively moving, so the arrangement of the rooms also have to pay attention security issues of ‘traffic’ during inside their room. Always Make sure for the safety risk coused by the messy wiring

2 Beds children should be kept short. Or, attach a safety in addition to the sleep so that children do not fall during sleep.

3 Stick the posters of their favorite stars, or with various kinds of cars or the animals .

4 The window must have a trellis or lattice to anticipate the child to climb
out the window.

5. Avoid furniture with sharp edges .And better try  to pull the drawer handle in order not in protrude out .

Kid Bedroom Furniture For Baby

5-12 YEARS
1 Children of school age should be included in discussing about their own room ,at this age they are able already to express their wishes.

2 Select a theme arrangement according to figures that are liked children.

3 Avoid putting a computer or a television in the child’s room, I think you can’t every time going inside to control them for what accessed on the computer. Just allow your kids to watch television or play computer in the living room .

4. Make your closet or drawers under the bed for storing knick-knacks or books so that the room always looks neat.

What also must be considered is the issue of cleanliness of the room. Make sure also that the ventilation in good circulate condition , it will make this room not stuffy and more fresher


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